Winter Dings Can Hurt in Spring


Do you know that very low temperatures, dry winds, snow, and the extreme weather can do a lot of damage to your car. To proactively protect your car rather than re-actively repair it after the damage is done, we have prepared a few tips you can use.

1. The Main Body

Little scratches in car paint let moisture in and that moisture freezes within the scratch and in doing so increases the visibility because it tries to make more space for itself and cracks the paint. Once the cracking begins it keeps spreading.

To prevent this from happening, you should first clean the grunge on the paint by using a clay bar such as EasyClay. Then polish the paint to cover up the scratches with a good polish such as Klasse-All-in-One either by hand or an orbital polisher. Lock that polish by wax so that it stays there for a while. If you don’t have any particular wax in mind, try using Optimum Opti-seal.

2. The Tires & Wheels

The ozone, grime, salt and other non friendly elements in the harsh weather can deteriorate the rubber of your cars’ tires. Protect them by spraying any silicone based tire dressing. Silicone acts as a tough barrier between the tire and unfriendly elements in the environment.

Also, clean the wheels with an extra-strength wheel cleaner and then protect them with wax or paint sealant.

3. The Removables

Give a look at the bumpers, trims, mirrors, convertible tops, wipers by giving them the treatment they deserve in order to keep functioning well till spring! Cleanse them, moisturize and polish of required.

4. The Interior

Cold air steals away moisture from the leather. This makes scratching and cracking easier to occur. To prevent damage from taking place, add moisturizers to the leather much before the temperature reaches 50⁰F and stops letting the leather soak in any moisture. Lexol Leather Conditioner and Hide Food are two good options of when it comes to leather moisturizers.

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