Estimatics & Benchmarking

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Enhancing Estimatics

Improve productivity and drive more accurate estimates for your business with our estimatics service. One of the most important elements of running a successful collision repair business is properly charging for the work you perform.

We count with several tools and processes backed up by Axalta to enhance your estimatics and therefore, getting paid for what you do


  • Axalta PMT – It is a Product & Material Tool that provides BLH, PLH per RO, sales mix review, etc.
  • Axalta Mouse Pad with Quick Codes
  • CCC Indicator report review = Sales mix, supplementary analysis, etc.
  • Performance Management Classes on Estimating Using OE Procedures and Negotiations
  • 50 Axalta Negotiation tools (Audatex, CCC & Mitchell approved)
  • Tips on how to use SCRS BOT or Estimate Scrubber (Axalta-specific rules)
  • Collision Advice / Effective Estimating on-site consulting on Negotiations and Estimate Calibration

Process Overview:

  • Conduct Estimate Calibration or Estimator Roundtables to compare estimating techniques on a specific vehicle and then to review the relevant Axalta Negotiation Tool Collision Advice helped build
    Example: Axalta Plastic Repair assessment & estimating matrix (with 3M)

Performance Benchmarking and Auditing program

Continuous Improvement is the goal of any business and the key to improvement is knowing how you are performing. The TED Group has designed a benchmarking and auditing program which will be provided to your company as a complimentary value-added service.

Monthly reporting is provided to your Corporate Management Team. The consolidated report is sorted by collision centre.

Reports measure each location’s paint and material usage performance compared to Canadian industry benchmarks.