How to Repair Automotive Paint Scratches


Whether your car is the victim of an errant shopping cart, a deranged key scratching jerk, a rock kicked up by a truck, or some other incident, paint scratches are unfortunately inevitable. You could just skip repairing an auto scratch, but rust and ugly paint damage are probably things you want to avoid! An auto scratch repair service at an auto body shop can be very expensive, so we recommend doing it yourself with touch up paint. In this article we will show you how to fix your auto scratches with great results at the lowest cost possible.

Auto Scratch Repair Pen

If your car has relatively small scratches or scuffs (smaller than the size of a pencil eraser), a touch up paint pen is the easiest and cheapest product to use. It has a felt tip which when depressed releases small amounts of auto paint. It really helps to practice with the paint pen before using it on your automobile. A smooth surface like a photograph or plastic container will help you get a feel for how the auto paint flows from the pen tip. When you are ready, make sure the scratched areas are clean and primed if necessary.

Apply several thin layers with the auto scratch repair pen, letting each dry before applying the next. Finish with a couple clearcoat layers and polish with a rubbing compound for a glossy finish.

Spray Paint Can for Repairing a Scratched Surface

While the paint pen is easy and effective for smaller scratches, an auto scratch repair spray can is ideal for large and extensive scratches. With a spray can, you can do it like the pros and touch up whole panels at a time. Spray paint cans are a little bit more expensive, but contain significantly more auto paint and repair larger areas.

Brushing an Auto Scratch

The brush bottles are good for scratches that are a little bigger than the size of a pencil eraser, but smaller than the size of a dime. Also if there are numerous scratches, the 2 ounce size will help you touch them all up. The auto scratch repair brush is quite simple to use: get a small amount of touch up paint on the tip of the brush and gently apply thin layers.

Additional Help with Auto Scratch Repair

You can find detailed touch up paint instructions, how to videos, and tips on Just click the preceding links for additional help.