Car Wax vs. Car Polish – What’s the Difference?


We’ve all heard the two terms car waxing and car polishing in the past – but if you’re a beginner in the DIY car maintenance world, you may be mixed up in your terms.

Both waxing and polishing are effective methods for beautifying your car or truck and both provide protection; however, the two processes are completely different.

Polishing is more of an abrasive procedure which removes dirt and scratches from your car’s finish, restoring the shine you had when you first bought your ride.

Waxing, on the other hand, is a resistant coating for your car. It will protect the surface from UV light, oils and salts, and can help paint from fading.

Both techniques are unquestionably vital to the long term health of your car (looks aside), but it’s important to bear in mind that the techniques are not the same and will affect your car’s finish differently. In some cases, both waxing and polishing may need to be performed on your car’s surface.

Ultimately, the more you can do to protect your car, the longer its life will be. While polishing and waxing may seem cosmetic, the work done will prolong the life of your car’s exterior and as a result keep the same four wheels in your garage longer.

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