Can Storage Harm Your Car’s Finish?


Whether you plan on storing your car for a week, a year or even longer, it is essential that you take the time to do a little prep work before storing to ensure that it comes out looking just as good as it did before. Many car owners are worried that storage has the potential to harm their car’s finish and this is true, but it is still important to know that most possible flaws can be prevented simply by taking a few basic precautions.

Where Will You Be Storing Your Car?

Wherever you decide to store your vehicle will determine the amount of work that needs to be done before it goes off on its extended hibernation. Indoor and outdoor locations both have different requirements that you should be aware of.

Indoor – You should opt for an indoor location if at all possible. Garages will always work well and there are also private companies that offer storage space for a fee. Indoor locations provide the best protection against elements, but you need to make sure it is as clean, dry and secure as possible. Thoroughly lean out the interior location, sweep the floors and lay down a plastic drop-sheet where the car will be parked.

Outdoor – If you have to store your car outside, it is crucial that you put a tarp or thick car cover over the entire vehicle frame. This will keep it safe from rain, light debris, snow and other gently elements. You should check the tarp regularly for rips and tears to prevent anything from seeping through and damaging the car’s finish.

What to Do Before Storing:

The best way to prevent storage from harming your car’s finish is by washing and waxing the exterior. It may seem counter-intuitive to clean it up before putting it away, but it is an extremely important step that no car owner should consider overlooking.

If any contaminants or dirt are left on the car, it will quickly begin to corrode the paint, and will eventually turn into rust. Use a quality soap and microfiber cloth to wash away any lingering stains. A coat of wax will provide your car with the added protection that it needs to remain sleek and stunning while being stored. The last step is to cover the car with a tap. This should be done with outdoor and indoor locations as well.

By following this guide, your car will remain in tip-top shape no matter how long you plan on storing it. When it is time to hit the streets once again, you and you car will surely be happy with all of the extra work that you put forth.