We Choose Waterborne Paints for a Reason

January 14, 2014 by rondex

When it comes to painting your vehicle, the market is saturated with options. However, Rondex only uses and carries waterborne auto body paint. It’s not that we’re not aware of other options; it’s that we only carry the best auto body supplies in our shop. Keep reading to find out why waterborne paints are the best.

Waterborne paint is exactly what it sounds like. It uses water to suspend the pigments Rondex Paintwhile applying them to the surface of a vehicle. Almost all processes that apply waterborne paints do so in two steps. First, a basecoat of color is applied to the vehicle, and then a clear-coat is added on top. When used in the hands of professionals, like the ones we employ at Rondex, the finished product is indistinguishable from that of solvent-based paints.

In Europe, waterborne paints have long been the standard. Many counties in American states have mandated that they follow suit. The reason is that waterborne paints have been shown to reduce the emission of what are known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Thus, the vehicle receives the paintjob it needs, without damaging air quality. Obviously, VOCs could also have detrimental effects on the people applying the paint, as well. VOCs can irritate the eyes and skin and even damage a person’s central nervous system. Other possible side effects include kidney and liver damage, attacks on the respiratory system, and even cancer.

Waterborne paints cut down on these risks, as they have much lower levels of solvent. We also ensure that our employees all use specially designed protective gear to further protect their health.

Rondex is proud to carry and use the best body shop supplies available. By applying only waterborne paints, we can give your vehicle the appearance you want while respecting the environment and ensuring that our employees’ safety is kept as a priority.

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