September 4, 2013 by rondex

For a limited time, Rondex Auto Body Supply is able to offer a fantastic product from SATA, one of the world’s foremost producers of pneumatic painting tools. The SATAjet® 1000 B RP LIGNUM is one of the most versatile cup guns you’ll ever find.

Touted as the spray gun for the woodworking industry, the 1000B is good for spraying just about any coating on any surface. Identical to the SATAjet® 1000 B (except for a nice wood pattern treatment on the handle and a much lower price), this instrument is available with 1.3, 1.6, 1.8 and 2mm nozzles for RP (Reduced Pressure) use, and 1.4, 1.7, and 1.9 mm for HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) applications. All models come with a .75l aluminum cup.

Compatible with SATAs wide range of accessories, including cup liners and an add-on agitator, this is perhaps the best all around paint gun on the market today.
Our goal at Rondex is to source the best possible tools and materials for our customers, and provide them at the best possible prices. This special deal represents an exceptional value – our current price of $449.99 represents a considerable discount from the regular price of $599.51.

To stay in the loop regarding the seasonal deals Rondex offers, visit the specials section on our website, or ask a representative at any one of our facilities. We’ve been in the industry since 1972, and have a finely honed sense of value. When we see a good deal, we make sure we pass it along to our clients, who will in turn use it to serve their customers better.

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