Rondex uses 3M Dynamic Mixing System (DMS) Body Filler

March 15, 2015 by rondex

The 3M’s Dynamic Mixing System (DMS) is one of many reason to bring your business to the professionals at Rondex Auto Body Supply.  For over forty years we’ve been providing innovations that our customers can use.

There’s no more worry about wasted filler that’s set up faster than a technician can use it, which to a business owner is like tossing money in the trash. Every time you use the DMS, you’ll get exactly the right amount of filler, precisely mixed and ready to apply.

3M’s Dynamic Mixing System (DMS), uses a special gun that mixes the hardener into the filler as it dispenses.  This formula prevents pocket pinholes from forming and provides a fantastic option for collision repairs or hail damage.

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