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Tony Pilon

Went into the store for the first time the other day and I will definitely return! The staff working at the time of my visit were all awesome! They all seemed eager to help and provide tips/advice. The store itself seemed to carry a lot of different products and was well kept….a nice atmosphere overall. I was left with an above and beyond experience! Keep up the good job!

Tony Pilon

Alexis Marie

I know nothing of autobody work but wanted to paint a car bumper for my aging Grand Am. I went in to Rondex at the risk of looking like a complete moron, as I was sure most of their clientele are probably professionals to some degree.

I explained my area of knowledge (zero) to one of the staff there and they helped me gather all the things I needed, as well as going so far as coming out to my car to figure out what colour of paint I needed. The gentleman also explained to me how to use the products I was purchasing.

No snootiness or holier than thou attitude here and I’m super thankful for that because I was a little nervous going in. Now I can try to help my poor Grand Am age more gracefully. Thanks dude at the counter.

Alexis Marie

Ben Jiménez

Look, if you’re looking to do some DIY body work on your car, Rondex should be an automatic consideration. Guys here know their stuff and are a great source of knowledge. Be aware, even with the colour code of your vehicle, there could be multiple slight variants, Rondex has the sample chips you’ll need to compare, just be sure to either have your car with you, or a part of it, like saybyhe gas cap.

Ben Jiménez

David Cummins

For all your autobody needs. The guys are great and very knowledgeable. Good pricing and great selection. We get all our touch bottles here. Keep up the great work guys. – Great Rides Corporation

Katie Ski

Such helpful staff!
Got me all set up with the paint I need to touch up the small paint chip on my car.

Philip Ramer

Great service. They matched my paint color on an aluminum extrusion sample and I had my touch up spray can and was out the door in 20 minutes.

Patrick Irving

Front counter Travis amazing knowledge and very helpful…Thank you

Ed Jay

As a back yarder, I had an issue with 2yr old paint tinting . The excellent staff remedied the situation .
Perfect match! Thx again guys!

Rob Says

Good spot for autobody supplies and needs. Helpful staff and lots of products at a good price.

Robert Ross

Excellent service. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I’m not a auto body guy, they have a lot of supplies that I would use for around the garage applications.

Gary Conway

Great place to buy body shop supplies and paint.

Alex Anderson

Excellent choice for autobody supplies!

Nelson Martins

Staff was nice and didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need.

Jason Johnson

Awesome customer service the guys are extremely knowledgeable courteous great bunch of guy.

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