Imron for Commercial Transportation Applications

Imron coatings are designed to deliver consistent, premium-quality results with superior durability for today’s commercial transportation vehicles.

Imron® AF700™ Polyurethane Basecoat (ES Quality)

  • Excellent appearance
  • Outstanding durability
  • Solid, metallic & pearl colour

Imron® AF400™ Polyurethane Topcoat (EP Quality)

  • High performance
  • Excellent appearance
  • Propeller & Rotary aircraft

MS100™ Imron® Polyurethane Basecoat

  • Premium appearance
  • Excellent durability and performance
  • Brilliant solid, metallic and pearl colours

MS600™ Imron® Polyurethane Topcoat

  • Excellent appearance
  • Excellent durability
  • For use above waterline

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