Innovative Wall Bumper™ Storage Rack

August 14, 2013 by rondex

At Rondex, we’ve spent a long time in the auto body industry. We’ve been providing supplies and products to Winnipeg area body shops for more than 40 years, and we’ve recently added locations in Nanaimo and Victoria B.C. and Hamilton, Ontario. In our years of service to the industry, we’ve seen our customers face a lot of challenges, as the business has been in a constant state of change. We’re happy to say that some of our earliest customers are still with us.

When we started business in 1972, most vehicles were equipped with chrome-plated steel bumpers. Lightly damaged units would be bent back into shape, and those more heavily banged up would be scrapped and replaced, or rechromed by a specialist.

Today, most bumpers are made of composite materials, and are painted in the same way that the rest of the car is. This change presented a challenge for auto body facilities, because the bumpers were large, and couldn’t be accommodated because stands to paint them on and racks to hold them simply didn’t exist.

Rondex has found a solution in the Wall Bumper Storage Rack by Innovative Tools and Technologies. ITT was founded in 1996 by an Auto Body Technician named Bryan Johnson. Bryan had, for years, been using the accepted practice of propping bumper covers up on trash barrels to work on them. He found the process and the results less than satisfactorily, and so invented the “SuperStand”, a purpose built solution.

At Rondex, we like these types of solutions. At the moment, we’re featuring another of ITTs products, the Innovative Wall Bumper™ Storage Rack. Today’s bumper covers are large items, and can take up plenty of real estate in a shop. By utilizing your wall space to its fullest potential, you can free up your floor space for your technicians to do what they do best – earn money by working on customer cars.

ITT has a reputation for quality solutions that solve problems. Rondex likes both ITTs products and philosophy, and we’re proud to offer their innovative and productivity enhancing equipment to our customers.

You can get information about any of the products we offer by contacting any of our locations online, or call our Winnipeg headquarters Toll Free at 1-877-RONDEX2 (776-3392).

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