How To Prep Your Car for Winter

October 10, 2014 by rondex

When the temperature begins to drop, it is time to begin prepping your car for the first snow.

Unfortunately, the winter snow is impossible to avoid and can do a great deal of harm to your vehicle. The good news is that by making the effort to perform a few simple maintenance checks, you’ll be able to successfully keep your car in working order and looking fantastic no matter how icy the weather conditions may get.

Proper Car Wash: A proper wash is one of the absolute best ways to prepare your car for snow. Keep your car clean of road salt, dirt and other highway contaminants to prevent paint deterioration and rusting. Wash your vehicle as often as possible during the winter season to leave your paint looking as good as new. You’ll also want to make sure your auto glass is clean as well so that moisture easily wipes away rather than clumping up and possibly damaging your windows or distorting your view during driving.

Seal the Paint: Road salt and moisture are a corrosive combination that have the potential to destroy the paint on your car. When you suspect that your car is going to be exposed to extreme weather conditions, the best way to protect the paint is with a sealant, also known as a synthetic wax. When compared to carnauba wax products, paint sealant works much better at shielding against road salts and water. The polymers found in most paint sealants have the tendency to cross-link, creating a protective barrier that is much more challenging for damaging components to penetrate.

Coverage: If you’re forced to park outside when it it snowing, consider taking on the help of a car cover. These provide the ideal amount of heavy-duty protection from both impact and moisture against even the toughest moments of snowfall.

Protect the Tires: Icy and wet roads are very dangerous to drivers. Always check their pressure and make sure that they have adequate tread. In addition, you may also want to consider applying a high-quality tire dressing. This will help ensure that they look good during the chilly weather and it also provides a protector barrier to the winter elements that may cause the rubber material to deteriorate.

Don’t let snow get in the way of your good-looking car! Use the previously listed tips to ensure that the stubborn cold weather doesn’t wreak havoc on your vehicle.

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