How To Prep Best for Grey Cup Tailgating

November 28, 2014 by rondex

Loaded with team spirit and awesome food, tailgating is one of the best parts of Grey Cup Weekend. This is a great time to party-hearty while getting ready for the big game. Many sports fans are satisfied with a big keg of beer and their favourite jersey, but there are still some things that everyone should take care of before the good times roll. Use the following tips to make tailgating the cherry on top of your Grey Cup Weekend!

Score a Good Parking Spot: The parking spot can either make or break you tailgating experience. Show up a little early so you can land a spot on a prime location. Look for a space that is near a grassy area for you and your crew to spread out on. Also, you’ll want to park around people that are rooting for the same team as you. After all, the last thing that you want is to end up battling it out with a fan of the opposing team.

Clean Out Your Truck: Before setting off on your tailgating adventure, it is essential to clean out your truck’s tailgate. Place all of the tools and other items in your garage and get ready to party! You are going to need lots of space to pack along important items, such as your grill, chairs, a cooler loaded with food and drinks, cooking tools and whatever else that your feel is appropriate for the oh-so exciting Grey Cup Weekend.

Fan-tastic Fun: No tailgating party is complete without a few fun and games to help pass the time until kickoff! Some options that are sure to send all your fellow sports fans into a rage include corn hole, horseshoes, ladder golf, washers, and who can forget simply tossing around a football? Whichever games that you choose to bring along, be sure to take caution when playing. Remain distant and aim away from your vehicle to prevent horseshoes from scratching your car or balls crashing through your windows.

Beware of Smoke: The chances are high that you will be doing plenty of grilling while tailgating. Of course, you’ll want to make sure all your meat is marinated and prepared, but you also need to beware of the smoke coming from the grill because it can harm your car’s paint finish. If your car is exposed to excess amounts of smoke it can cause deterioration, peeling and discoloration. The best way to prevent this is by cooking as far away from your vehicle as possible and keeping the grill’s lid shut whenever you can.

You’ll easily score a touchdown with these tailgating tips. Grey Cup Weekend will be here before you know it so there is no better time to start planning then now!

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