How Insurance Rates are Affected by the Car Colour

January 26, 2017 by rondex

Is it true that colour of your car has a factor in determining your insurance rates? Do red and yellow cars have higher insurance rates than, say, white cars? Almost half of licensed drivers believe that red cars have more expensive insurance and they are pulled over more often by police.

The answer is no. The colour of your car does not affect your rate and it also doesn’t affect how often the police will pull you over. Honestly, insurance places don’t even know the colour of your car. Insurance companies are more concerned about knowing your VIN (vehicle identification number), which does not include the colour of your car. They really don’t care. surveyed 1,000 married, licensed women and men over the age of 25 to determine what colour their car is and why they chose that colour. The results are shown below.

What DOES affect your insurance rates are the number of tickets you have and the number of accidents you’ve been in, the type of car you drive and how you use your vehicle (i.e. where you’re driving). A speeding ticket can increase your rates by at least 15%! Tickets are tied to the driver, not the car.

Even car thieves don’t prefer red cars. According to Dupont (now Axalta), the top four car colours that are stolen include silver, gray, black and white.

So go ahead, get that shiny, bright, cherry red car that caught your eye!

*Custom paint jobs may affect insurance rates but should only include a nominal fee.

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