An Enclosure for the Holidays?

November 13, 2014 by rondex

The holidays are starting to approach, and if you’ve got a DIY car buff on your shopping list (or you’re one yourself), we wanted to put an idea in your head – A retractable paint enclosure.

We know – it’s not quite the fortress of solitude that some men would like, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The retractable paint enclosure serves two purposes. First and foremost – space efficiency. The enclosure allows you to free up space for vehicle maintenance and other jobs, while, second, giving you added space for vehicle paint and other preparation.

For the commercial side of our beloved industry, retractable paint enclosures give you the added space needed to better serve customers. Adding work bays means more productivity, and giving you the opportunity to do more in potentially less time.

Though setup can be a bit complicated – a forklift is recommended for setup and all electrics and ventilation work must be carried out by qualified contractors – the benefits are plentiful to make this a worthwhile investment.

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