Spray Can Touch-Up Tips

When it comes to auto body repair, the use of aerosol cans to apply touch up paint has a bit of a bad reputation – probably because most of the paint you can purchase over the counter at the hardware store is better suited to painting lawn mowers and garden implements than it is to touching up today’s multi-stage automotive finishes.

However, with the right products, some know-how, and patience, good touch-ups can be accomplished with spray cans, without the hassle and cost involved in a full-on paint job.

Here are some quick tips for getting quality results when touching up with aerosol paint:
1) Know when the job is too big
If the repair is large, or there’s a lot of rust involved, the scope of the job exceeds the capability of a spray can.

2) Work under the right conditions
The advantage of the spray can is that you don’t need expensive equipment and facilities. A can of paint mixed at Rondex will take care of many of the daunting variables, like colour matching and thinning. That said, you want to emulate the conditions of a proper paint booth as much as possible. Temperature is key – you cannot apply touch up paint in cool or humid conditions. Aim for an ambient temperature as close to 70 F. as you can, and a humidity no greater than 50%

3) Safety First
Make sure you are following all precautions provided with the paint, especially the use of a respirator and other personal protective equipment. Automotive paint is poisonous.

4) Prep!
Make sure the area to be painted has been sanded and cleaned. Any material left on the surface will contaminate the paint job.

5) Practice
Try applying paint to something other than your car. It might take a couple of tries to get used to the aerosol can. You want to apply light coats (probably two wet coats, which you can sand after they dry) and one final coat, which doesn’t get sanded. After waiting for it to dry, apply the clearcoat. It will need to cure thoroughly – about three days – before you can polish it with rubbing compound

6) Follow all directions provided by the manufacturer
Don’t take shortcuts – if the can says agitate for two minutes, use a timer and keep shaking, Switch hands if you need to. The can will give you information about drying time between coats, usually about 20 minutes. Also, wait the full curing time suggested before applying clear coat or sanding.

If you need information of any kind about auto body tools, supplies, or products, you can always call on Rondex. Speak to a representative at one of our locations, or call us at 1-877-RONDEX2 (776-3392).

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