“Perfect Utility, Ultimate Versatility. It’s not metal, but it sure acts like it. Our mission is to take the pain OUT of painting — that means cleaning and maintenance — and it’s got to be done without sacrificing performance.

We added extra atomizing air holes to the new 1.2 mm and 1.3 mm atomizing heads to ensure you’re getting the premium performance you expect out of your metal guns, while making cleaning quick and easy with see through atomizing heads.

With five sizes of atomizing heads, make Accuspray™ ONE Spray Gun your ultimate utility gun and the perfect complement to your collection.” Download the entire 3M flyer and learn more about the Accuspray One Spray Gun.

Visit us at any of our 5 locations to find the best products, service and solutions.

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The unique SATA Multitool is comprised of thirteen different implements designed to aid in the maintenance and care of all SATA spray guns. For a limited time, receive this useful tool free of charge with the purchase of any new SATAjet® 5000 B spray gun!

Learn more about the SATA Multitool and SATAjet® 5000 B spray gun

For all your auto body shop supplies and equipment, contact us.



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On July 7th we hosted the 2nd Annual Ted Greenwood Memorial Golf Tournament at the Glendale Golf and Country Club. Thankfully, the rain held off until the end of the tournament, and the sun peeked out throughout the day. Everyone who attended had a great time and had the chance to build stronger, existing relationships with their clients while forging new ones. It was an event to remember! Thanks to everyone who attended and sponsored the golf tournament and for making it a huge success!

Connect with us online or visit any of our 5 branch locations: Nanaimo, Victoria, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto.


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Do you know that very low temperatures, dry winds, snow, and the extreme weather can do a lot of damage to your car.  To proactively protect your car rather than re-actively repair it after the damage is done, we have prepared a few tips you can use.  Continue reading

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Working on your car’s paint job can be one of the most relaxing, it can also be the most frustrating.  We know how it is to be a DIY’er – when even the slightest ding shows up on your work, you want to instantly repair it and when you see flaws immediately after application, you may be tempted to throw up your hands and say ‘forget it, I’ll get someone to do it for me!’

Let’s put your mind at ease these problems can be solved. Here are three common paint problems and how you can address them:

Chemical Etching / Staining

Caused by everything from tree sap to bird droppings, chemical changes to your paint can cause discolouration if left standing on your car’s surface.

Your first method of solving the issue is to clean the spot or do your full car using hot water, detergent and thorough drying. If you are seeing blemishes after this, however, polishing and other blemish solutions should be used, potentially preceded by using sandpaper.


This can occur either in a clear coat or in a paint’s base colour – either way, it’s unsightly.

Cracks can begin to appear for a variety of reasons, not the least of which structural issues in your car’s sheet metal.

To fix cracked paint, first clean off the space using a degreaser, then sand the surface (without reaching the sheet metal beneath) then begin the paint application first using a primer.


These may be the most eye-twitching of all problems. Chipping can occur from something as simple as debris on the road, or, unfortunately for Canadians – cold weather conditions (both from the cold itself and kicked-up road salts).

Often, paint chips if dealt with early can be easily worked on through buffing or a rubber compound, but the key is to catch and repair early, lest rust appear, at which point more series work is needed. Touch-up paint is also an option, but remember that the colour must be an exact match.

For more car paint tips, visit the Rondex location nearest you and speak with our experts.

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Hey Winnipeg, Sunday’s just got a whole lot better with #SundayNightCruise Night @PonyCorral Grant Park Shopping Centre.

Sunday Night Cruise Night is proudly presented by Rondex and Pony Corral. Starting at 3pm every Sunday starting May Long Weekend through to the last Sunday in September. We encourage everyone to join us in the fun.

Come down to view the classic cars hosted by the Fabulous 50′s Ford Club of Manitoba & Willy’s Garage.  With hourly prizes, weekly “Cruiser of the Week” and an end of the season grand prize award, the team at Rondex is looking forward to another fabulous Sunday throughout the summer in Winnipeg.

To find out about the many services the Rondex team of Winnipeg has to offer for all your automotive needs, we encourage you to visit our website or call us at 1-877-776-3392.

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Over the past couple of months we have witnessed the continual decline of the Canadian dollar and to start the New Year it has fallen below 70 cents U.S., the first time since 2003.

This is significant to our business because many imported goods will see an increase in consumer prices as inflation continues to rise. In addition to the Canadian dollar taking a dip the barrels of crude oil and gas are also declining which all factor into the price increases we will begin to see throughout the Canadian economy.

This is significantly impacting our operations across Canada and we are forced to implement price increases on our U.S. product lines to reflect the current exchange rate.

We will continue to offer these products at a competitive price, and we hope this will not affect the great relationships we have established over the past 40 years of business.

As a leading supplier of automotive paint and accessories we look forward to helping you with all your Auto Body needs.  Contact us today or visit the location nearest you!

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Rondex Winnipeg, MSRA, Rodarama, Annual Classic Car Sales WinnipegWe are proud to announce that we have partnered with Manitoba Street Rod Association to once again bring to Winnipeg the 17th Annual Car Show RODARAMA.

Friday, April 29th, 2016 – 6pm-10pm
Saturday, April 30th, 2016 – 10am-10pm
Sunday, May 1st, 2016 – 10am-5pm

Public admission is $10 and kids under 12 get in FREE (when accompanied by an adult)

There will be plenty of great classic vehicles and assortment of vendors that supply parts or services to auto enthusiasts. Don’t come alone, we also invite you visit this website and print a coupon to Take A Kid To A Car Show.

Continue reading

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